One Day, One Step

One Day, One Step

This is a loose English translation of the composition. Click here for the original Japanese version.


Today is the 7th of February 2018. In one month, I would be graduating from Toyo Academy Japanese School. Finally.

“Along the way, I was gifted with the sense of clarity…”

The fact brings up memories of when I first enrolled. I was maybe 12 or 14 years old then; all round-cheeked and baby-faced, and so shy that I barely spoke to anyone. I was caught up in my early youth—squeezing all that I could out of every second—that I barely gave thought to my future. Studying the Japanese language was fun, but I didn’t realize how good of an opportunity that was. I went back to the Philippines, went back to my old life, and started slowly forgetting.

Time flowed and experience expanded my view of the world. The ends of my abilities were tested by having made done things I’ve never done before. Failure and Success became my greatest mentors and, through them, I got to know the power that I have in me, the power of perseverance, and how much a difference choosing to stand up again makes. Along the way, I was gifted with the sense of clarity and I realized that I have always wanted to be a writer.

“…even if it means being able to take only one step in a day.”

With that, we circle back to the present. I am now 23 years old. My round cheeks have sunken into angles, highlighting the sharpness of my features; with my height, I tower over many. The me that would be walking on stage in March wouldn’t be the same as the person I was in the beginning. From then on, I would continue to grow and shift as I continue my journey towards my dream, even if it means being able to take only one step in a day.


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