May 2018: Transition

May 2018: Transition

“Recluse” is the word that’s been in my mind a lot lately. It doesn’t come as a surprise (which is ironically surprising in itself) because, if I’m going to be very honest with myself, it’s how I’d describe who I’ve become as of late. But, knowing the main root as to why for once does make this whole thing a lot easier to manage. Transition—change, growth, adventure—has come and is now testing my adaptability and flexibility.

*Cue flashbacks to traumatic surprise quizzes*

Now that I’ve mentioned it, last month was Growth Month here, and, let me tell you, things happened. Like, things with a capital T. But, before I get into that, here are the stories that went up last month:

  1. On the Table: Talking Dreams at Cafe Congreso: an interview, and a return to self.
  2. 24 Things I Learned By 24: a list of things I should be grateful for.

This one year I’ve spent blogging has been very eye-opening. I’ve taken up a new skill, brushed up on my old ones; I went to places I would never have, revisited ones I frequent through a different lens; tried out different things, took comfort in familiarity; each one encased in blog posts that I tried (*very hard*) to put up on a weekly basis.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I spent this past year writing as much as laboring over unpacking my baggage. It’s something that I knew I’m going to have to deal with because it has always been in my peripherals, looming, waiting for its moment. What was surprising is its complexity; each unzip opened up to another layer like one of those Russian matryoshka dolls. The whole process brought upon an image of childbirth in my head—what with the pain, labor, and one thing coming out of another—but, in place of a living, breathing, tiny bundle of joy, you’re handed wisdom instead. And a brand new perspective.

Now that I’m here—and you, with me—standing on the precipice of the past, present, and everything that I’ve learned, it’s high time that I let change change and truly open myself up to all the possibilities it entails.

Say, another bun in the oven? (Like, creatively—a brain baby!)

I know it’s long overdue, but welcome to May. Welcome to Transition Month.

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