March 2018: Adventures

NEWS FLASH: I’ve just graduated from Nihongo school! *woot-woot* It went how usual graduations go: a ceremony, handing out of certificates, picture-taking, and—oh—the life I’ve known coming to a full stop. I wouldn’t be able to come up with a graver punctuation than that, not even a bold-faced period set in the largest possible font size in your chosen word processor.

Well, probably the period-padlock-no-erase combo.

If the proverb is true and life really is just like a book, the ending that graduations signify are but of a chapter. The world keeps turning, life goes on, and we continue down the path we’ve chosen for ourselves. Dreams are binding contracts we’ve long committed ourselves to and it’s high time to get cracking.

Speaking of contracts and committing to things, February’s theme was Commitment and, if you would like a refresher (because I’m sure you’ve already read them), you can go back to the stories published last month here:

  1. A Date On Valentine’s Day: thinks to self, I should do this more often.
  2. I Tried 3 Methods Against Procrastination: a challenge—are you up for it?

Whenever I watch films wherein the protagonist has to leave their hometown to face the great beyond, I always wonder what that must feel like. Do they feel scared? Excited? A little bit of both? Or, maybe, none at all? Now that I’m in the same predicament, I must admit, I’m anxious to the point of paralysis. To pick only one of the endless number of choices ahead is something I’m not looking forward to. But, grab the bull by the horns we must for the adventure advances only if we do.

No one can go wrong by choosing to take one step first, I suppose?

Welcome to March. Welcome to Adventures Month.


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