April 2018: Growth

I was out with a friend a couple of days ago to catch the tail end of the cherry blossom viewing—or hanami—season in Tokyo. It’s almost been a week already since the first bloom, and it would’ve been a shame had we not gone out to see it. Inokashira Park, just a little ways from Kichijoji Station, was teeming with other hanami goers. Almost in equal parts, half of the crowd took to strolling the park and taking photos, while the other half basked under the sun, sharing food and drinks and conversations with their companions on picnic mats. The cherry blossoms had bloomed in their full glory, completing the picture, with a promise of growth in the times to come.

If what I’m trying to say is still not coming across clearly: IT’S SPRINGTIME, PEOPLE!

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the previous month I call the “last-of-winter”, a.k.a. March.

  1. One Day, One Step: a look back on the journey.
  2. 一日一歩: a look back on the journey—but in Japanese.

I used to not mind the cold when I was younger. That is, until this past winter; I had to swaddle myself in layers and layers of clothes when going out. Now that spring has come, and the temperature has started rising, I’ve just remembered how liberating the shirt-jeans combination is. I feel freshly emerged from my chrysalis. In hindsight, my current clothing situation couldn’t be more parallel with how things are going on in my life right now. Growth is on the horizon.


Welcome to April. Welcome to Growth Month.

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