about tomo orihara
Who is Tomo Orihara?
Tomo Orihara is a creative who dabbles into photography and styling but is primarily focused on writing. He works as a freelance writer, specializing in copywriting.


He occasionally strays off the beaten path and delves into the topics of self-discovery, identity, and the self. During one of his deep-dives, he discovered how weird it is to talk about yourself in the third person.




Aside from writing copy and stories, his skills also tie in with article writing, proofreading, and editing.




Born and raised in the Philippines, surrounded by coconut juice stands and basking in the country’s all-year long heat, he now lives in Japan where he continues to make the most out of his one-man party, learning more things about himself as he goes.




In 2017, he started Swiveller.com, a lifestyle-inspired blog that touched upon anything and everything under the sun, looking up and down Japan’s streets for gems of inspiration. After a year of adventure, Swiveller.com has taken a new form as the portfolio/blog website TomoOrihara.com.